by Scott McBreen . 28 Aug 2018

Following a fire that happened towards the end of 2016, Jacks Point approached Megafloor to put the shine back into their clubhouse. The original floor was a great showcase of Decorative Concrete, and now with the fire damage and with the advancement in technology, it was the perfect opportunity to refurbish.

IMG Jacks Point 02

While having damage, the decorative concrete was in a reasonably good condition, so works were planned for 2018. We reprocessed the surface in stages, and the results have far exceeded anyone's expectations.

As we were working with one of the best concrete mixes, we had the pleasure of polishing up we've not only given this floor the Megafloor High Street Premium finish but easily another 15 years of shine.

IMG 3416

The benefits of having a Megafloor finish are widespread but here are just a few:

Special thanks to Stone Heritage our Megafloor Partner in Queenstown

Davis House 03

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