by Scott McBreen . 26 Sep 2018

What to consider in the early design phase for your residential Megafloor Polished Concrete

Your design brief calls for a hard-wearing energy efficient Polished Concrete Floor. At Megafloor we work with clients in the early design phase to discuss all these topics before building or specifying.

Concrete has a very efficient thermal mass that passively charges off direct sunlight. There is a lot more technology available to you the homeowner these days from slab insulation design like rib raft or maxi raft through to in-floor heating options set into the slab before concrete pour.

Concrete has a vast range of designer options, not just the plain 13mm or 19mm concrete Polished you see a lot in the retail stores. The inclusion of a colour selection and or decorative concrete options from the suppliers make for a very high-end result.

The best way to research these design options is along with the team at Megafloor, we'll work with the concrete supply company and builder, request a few options and have these processed up with one of our Megafloor systems.

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Exposure levels are significant as they allow us to advise on how the concrete should be placed, for a Megafloor Warehouse and Beach House there are different finishing methods for the concrete as opposed to Megafloor Urban and High Street. Curing of the concrete is also an essential aspect for getting the best concrete.

With residential new build projects, Megafloor always recommends our Premium Finish as this is fully penetrating guard protection that offers a scratch-free floor, the floor is mechanically refined through to the desired sheen level, and then the Premium Guard applied. We always recommend going slightly past the sheen level as it's like a new car it wears in within the first 3-6 months.

These floor systems perform exceptionally well if you have pets and kids as they are non-allergenic and scratch free, don’t panic if the kids want to ride their bikes through the house.

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Maintenance is effortless with the new technology available on the market, most people love the new robot vacuum cleaners that move from hard floor coverings to soft or a static mop to collect the dust.

Talk to the team at Megafloor, and we're here to help you through the process.

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